ICOM IC-F3003 vs IC-G80

I’m now in the evaluation stage of ICOM IC-F3003 and IC-G80.
Anyone have recommendations please?

Hi afahmy,
I have never worked with the IC-G80 so I can’t comment on that radio specifically. The IC-F3003 is the same as the US version F3001 and I have worked extensively with that radio taking it apart, examining the circuit board, and selling many of them to clients who work in outdoor environments aka summer camps and greenhouses/farms.

First things first, if you haven’t seen my post on the breakdown and opening of the F3001 check out the link below with lots of pictures: http://www.twowayradioforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1814

The F3001 (or F3003 in your case) is an excellent radio and a testament to Icom’s newer line of land mobile radios that have really proven themselves. Icom, in my opinion, was not a large contender in the US a few years back but they have really stepped up their game recently and are putting out some amazing products. In comparison this radio is built as rugged if not more rugged than the Motorola CP200 or Kenwood TK3302, both of which have price points of $50-100 more. In summary, the F3001 is built solid with a good receiver and tough exterior plastic quality. Buttons feel nice and firm with a definitive press, knobs are tight, and the speaker gets fairly loud although the lowest setting is way too low to hear any audio. There is no screen on this model vs. the G80 you are looking at but it was designed as a simple, no nonsense, hi power 16 channel radio. In the demos I do for my clients I frequently toss the radio 6-10ft in front of me onto concrete to show how durable it is (only damage I’ve cause is some bent knobs due to hitting the ground so hard). Water resistance is average IP54: will withstand rain and wet conditions but don’t try drowning it in a puddle. Overall I am very pleased with the Icom F3001 and their newer line of portable radios.

What industry or particular use do you have in mind for these radios? Perhaps I can give you a more detailed opinion based on the environment you will be using it in.