Icom IC-F3001 & MURS?


New here to the forums. I’m interested in utilizing MURS and was wondering if the Icom IC-F3001 can be legally programmed & used on this band? I realize MURS has a 2-watt limit but this model does have a 2-watt mode. If not, are there any other business radios that would work for this?

Looking for a high quality license-free radio for use on trips and out in the woods, within about a 2 or 3 mile range.



Although this may be considered a bit of a topic-dredge, I have the exact same question. The Motorola RDM2020 is a bit out of my price range, and I’d love to be able to purchase the Icom IC-F3001 for recreational use if it can be legally programmed for use on the MURS frequencies, and have its power limited to 2 watts. Anyone know if this is possible?

While it is technically possible to program the IC-F3001 for MURS, it isn’t legal. When in doubt, stick with a dedicated radio. It’s safer.

Gotcha, looks like I’ll be looking for a MURS radio, though the Motorola RDM2020 is a bit on the expensive side considering I’d have to buy a pair. >_<