ICOM IC-A16 Newbie question

While scanning, can I set the radio to transmit on only a certain channel when i hit the pttt and not the channel it is scanning at the time i hit ptt… Like I just want to monitor 5 different hannels but only want to transmit on one when ptt pressed

If you scan, then it is on that channel and that’s where it transmits. I don’t know of a way to make them receive on one channel and be able to transmit on another - that’s not a common request for an aviation radio - usually TX on the frequency it stopped on is exactly what a user would want. Your requirement is a bit unusual. I think, although have never tried that you can set an inhibit if you have the programming software - but not direct from the radio. That’s not though what you want? For safety reasons, TX on the the RX frequency currently live is pretty important to the average user.