Icom cs-f620TR ADJ software

Hello all!

I have 4 Icom ic-f621-2-tr radios and have the cloning software to program them but I need the adj software to adjust the RF power output. I have scoured the internet and cannot find any place that sell it. Usually I can find a package to purchase that has the cloning and ADJ software in the same bundle but not this radio. Any help is appreciated. And yes they do make an ADJ software for this radio, it mentions it in the service manual.

Thanks in advance,
Colin A.

The CD should have the two separate applications on it? I guess you may have got it via an unofficial route and only have the one folder? I guess you will need to find the CD to get it - but that seems pretty difficult. There are some on ebay - that are availablke as a download - you could check with the seller if both folders are there?