I need some help with my DIY walkie talkies

Hi am new here. I am trying to make my own walkie talkies. I don’t know much about antennas.
If i buy two identical antennas from amazon and wire them to my makeshift walkie talkies will they be able to communicate with each other?

Thanks for the help.

Whether you buy two identical antennas from Buy Two Way Radios or anywhere else, as long as they are both tuned to the same band and frequency range, i.e. 136-174 VHF, 400-470 UHF, 900 MHz, etc. they should pick up and/or transmit those signals.

Now, whether or not the radios will work with the antennas depends on what you are building, which band and frequencies your radios are designed for, and whether they work altogether. That is something only you can answer.

The complexity and technical knowledge to build a pair of walkie talkies fights somewhat with a very, very basic question on antennas. If you are a bit light on antenna selection - how on earth will you align the RF multipliers? Years ago, I built a ham band transmitter. I’m not sure I could do it today with surface mount devices and tiny PCBs and microprocessors.

ok. I scrapped the project anyways.