I need some help and You guys seem to have the Know How!

First post from an absolute newbie to two way radios AND your forum.

I did a lot of searching on this site and forund nothing pertaining to the radios I just bought and to top it off, There is NOTHING on midlands site about this radio either.:mad:

I bought a Midland GXT 1091 WXVP4 from Cabela’s that I will be using for communication while snowmobiling and some Search and Rescue trips this upcoming winter.

Here’s the issue…
It came with no manual other than the very basic “On off, chanell changing and weather alerts”.

This radio should be able to be programmed with “Privacy” chanels, vibrate mode, etc…

I looked on Midland’s web site and did a product search for this model and it came back “No Matches”:frowning:

There are MANY manuals listed in Pdf form but there is no Manual listed for this model on their site either.:confused:

I would have just simply taken the radios back but while on the way home I ordered two semi expensive speaker mikes for them and those can’t be returned…They were actually more money than the radios.:rolleyes:

I need some real help, advice on how to program these things for privacy chanels, vibrate mode, selected chanel scan and so on sooo…

Anybody have any ideas how to make these things do all they are supposed to do?

Sorry to be so “Needy” on my first post!.


It is more or less this radio just with a different face plate and higher price: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/midland/midland-gxt-1000-vp4.aspx

Here is the manual: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/Products/Midland/manuals/GXT-1000-manual.pdf

Some stores have the manufacturer make a “special” model for them to sell at a higher price. They make some cosmetic changes to them and create a new model number. We feel that businesses that do this are being dishonest and overcharging. Then as you noted there is often a catch in that there is no manual and no one even knows what it is.

This happens with business radios as well. There are a lot of “special” models that are just up-priced radios with a new model number and a company logo.

There are true special models out there however, they have extra accessories or real features such as a smaller antenna or better batteries. But those tend to have the same model number but with a suffix like SE, R or EDX added. They are usually listed with what makes them “special”. Not just a faceplate.

The radio you purchased is a good one though (it is a GXT 1000 on the inside), and we are sorry they snared another shopper. Normally we remove names from our competitors but we are going to let this one stay in order to warn future shoppers. Again, it stinks that the retail establishment is doing this level of dirty marketing.

Well, I found the real issue with these radios I bought…
They are just 50 channel with a weather search feature, marked up A LOT and branded with the store’s name that I purchased them from:mad:
No “Privacy codes” or any of the other neat features that the salesman said they had and…Get this, None of the neat features that were listed on the outside of the packaging either.:rolleyes:
They were mismarked so basically I got a very expensive pair of children’s radios.

Thanks for the response though Jeff, I appreciate the try!

They aren’t ‘50 channels’, either.

They’re 22 channels, with the ‘extra’ channels just being the same channels with various tone squelches set.

7 FRS Channels, 7 Shared FRS/GMRS channels, and 8 GMRS Only channels.