I need help with bf-9700

Hi Guys,

I could use some help as well, programming these radios. I purchased 4 of the BF-9700 from Amazon, but cannot get the cable to work with Chirp or the Wp970 software that has worked on my UV-9R and UV-XR Radios. Even after rolling back the driver to earlier drivers. There isn’t a whole lot of support out there about these particular radios, so I’m hoping someone can shed a little light for me.


It sounds like another case of someone trying to talk on two radios that are right next to each other and not having any knowledge of receiver desense.

If you really wan to see if these radios will talk to each other, then get someone to take one of them out into the back yard and talk to you. If the radios are in close proximity, the front end of the receiving radio is going to overload from the strong signal of the other radio and it will go deaf.

hi.your question is so complicated.but i would share how program your radio without original cable.by using a diy cable and proper chipset.
you can send me an e-mail then i will tell you how you do that.