I need help id a digital mode sound

Is there a way that I can attach a wav file here or use something like Dropbox for audio files? I need some help identifying a digital mode sound that I recorded around 7.035mhz.


There is a band plan for most digital modes.

If you use Multipsk you can read the RX ID information when it is initially sent.

If it is one line - it is usually PSK 31

Olivia is usually sent around 7.075.5 @ 8/500

If it is two lines - it is usually RTTY

Each has its own distinct sound.

Here is some basic frequencies used -

rfcarrier rig_mode carrier mode

1000500 USB 800 CW
1807000 USB 1000 BPSK31
3505000 USB 800 CW
3580000 USB 1000 BPSK31
7005000 USB 800 CW
7030000 USB 1000 BPSK31
7070000 USB 1000 BPSK31
10135000 USB 1000 BPSK31
14005000 USB 800 CW
14070000 USB 1000 BPSK31
18100000 USB 1000 BPSK31
21005000 USB 800 CW
21070000 USB 1000 BPSK31
24920000 USB 1000 BPSK31
28005000 USB 800 CW
28120000 USB 1000 BPSK31

Why not record it with your computer and then turn it into a WAV file and then download it to YouTube and then post the link?