I need assistance on choosing a 2-way radio

Ok first of all I m new to this sort of thing and will be asking a lot of questions.
Now I need to find a good set of 2-way radios. The first set can be those that are like those that you see that sell for $69.00-$99.00 those that say they will work out to a certain amount of miles like to maybe 25 miles and so forth. not really concerned it they can be used in a place with tall building but that would help.

Next set I need is someting along the line of a military type or police type set of radios but they must have at least a 5-10 mile radis when it comes to talking to each other but must also be limited in to where how many others that I may not want to listen to what I’m saying can listen to me and to whom ever I’m talking too also. These can cost no more then $300.00 each if not a little bit less

Any input would be help with this problem.

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You are asking for what doesn’t exist.

Range between handheld radios is 1-2 miles, at best, for normal use.

The ranges you see given for bubblepack radios are, bluntly, lies. They represent the range you might get if both ends are standing on mountains, with nothing in between them.

You are basically asking for mobile phones, which are, of course, easy to get, just not free to use.

Range beyond a few miles requires a repeater of some sort.

If you’re talking about backcountry in mountains, ranges are even shorter. Overall, range for handietalkies is line of sight.

There is one reasonably unmonitorable (from a distance) handheld available, the eXRS frequency hopping 900 MHz radios, but they, like other handhelds, are good for anything from a half mile to 2 miles at best.

Sir, you need a HAM radio if you want those kinds of ranges. A bubble pack radio can’t do that job, sorry.

Ham radio has nothing to do with his needs, since he wants encryption, not allowed in any way on ham radio.

Yea, they don’t make radios like that. The range alone would mandate HAM radio but if you want something encrypted, why not just get a cell phone? LOL

There are several reasons as to why he would not /can not use a cell phone. In many places the coverage is not very good or non-existent. The reason that cell phones are so small is that there are towers everywhere in urban areas so they only have to transmit a very short distance. They actually have rather short range and out away from the towers your best bet is a two way repeater system. We sell a lot of radios to ranches and farms because a cell phone just will not work. Another reason is the cost of phones and plans, and also the slight difficulty in having a large group of people on the same communications network.