I am a newbie but was wondering if we could get a MURS subforum?

Longtime GMRS user. But I am transitioning to MURS. It seems like it would be cool if we could have a dedicated MURS sub forum. I know MURS is not as popular as GMRS/FRS yet, but I think it may deserve a home of its own.

I was going through our topics related to MURS radios and although there isn’t a lot, there are enough to consider creating forum category. Provided there is interest from some of the other members, I think we’re okay with adding it. Any feedback from the rest of the community?


Perhaps if there is little interest in a standalone MURS forum, it could be added to the FRS/GMRS forum description?

I went ahead and set it up. We now have a forum for MURS!

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I think that’s good. Even for those with no interest in MURS, it helps as there’ll be less to skip over.