Hytera vs Motorola [DMR]

Hi All. I am in the process of researching DMRs and would like to know which brand you feel is better in terms of DMRs.

I have been referred to the Hytera PD505 and the Motorola DP1400. If you have either of these products, I would appreciate any feedback on the product.

Additionally would one be able to use the PD505 and DP1400 in conjunction with one another.

Thanks in advance,

Personally I’d go with the Motorola.

I prefer Motorola rather then Hytera. I feel that Motorola better is in terms of DMRs.

The reality is that most people buy the same models - that way, little gadgets and gizmos they have will work properly - lets say (and I made this up) Motorola have an emergency feature that makes the receiving radio display go red when the emergency button is pressed, you can guarantee this kind if thing won’t work with the Hytera.

The reality is that in the quality, expensive radio market, it is the bells and whistles that justify the price, not so much reliability - electronics really are pretty good nowadays. Little things might matter - where the volume control is - stuff like that. One radio I’m usuing at the moment has a button on the rear that slots into a quick release belt clip - but sticking it into my pocket, the button jams on the hem of the pocket, so I tug it out with the antenna - that’s a silly design - just wrong for jeans pockets. The volume knob is also tricky when there is a headphone plug in - too close. These are the real features nowadays. Better is totally subjective now - better for you perhaps, but we can’t tell you that? The two you mention are decent enough radios. Buy two of either - not one of each. That will simply fry your brain - assuming you can get a 505 - it’s discontinued. They’re both pretty basic radios to be fair - but do you want to programme them yourself? Motorola can be tricky software wise?