Hytera Two way Radio help!

First post on this forum, hopefully I can get some answers as I’m new to the electronics repair scene. I have 5 Hytera TC-600 two way radios. All of them have been reprogrammed (to the best of my ability) to have the same settings and channels. Squelch is set to 2, with power output on high. Two of the radios will receive signal when on squelch setting 2, the other 3 will transmit but will not receive unless the squelch is opened ALL the way, even then it’s a quiet signal. Why would this be? is there a setting that I can mess with to try and remedy this (side note, I noticed a tuning option in the programming software, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to trial and error with those settings) or if there’s some type of testing I can do on the electronics to check functionality. Just need somewhere to start. I recently acquired an oscilloscope with 50mhz capabilities, AN/USM-281 to be exact.

Any and all help would be appreciated!!!
I did post this on a electronics forum, as Im not sure how much of a response I’ll get either here or there.