Hytera PD485 Headache

Hi thanks for the interest

I have a Hytera PD485 which after a few years reliable use has decided to throw its legs up and say “no more sorry”.

I have used it for DMR Radio (Digital Mobile Radio) and its been great. It still shows its operating data on the screen on operating the PTT but the RF fails to be found on either of my Modems a MMDVM and a Openspot2.

Am I correct in ‘assuming’ if I transmit RF from another radio 433.900Mhz it should be indicated on the 485 likewise if I listen on the ‘other radio’ it should ‘hear’ RF from the PD485 ??

I have looked and searched in the software for the 485 for a problem and cannot see anything to warrant concern. The only place I can find to show the RF frequencies installed are the last two entries Digital and Analogue and both have the correct frequencies installed ie. 433.900Mhz RX & TX 00.00 shift which is correct.

To save my sanity have you ANY thoughts this is REALLY driving me up the wall.

Thanks Peter G8CVF

If one radio transmits on a frequency that another is listening to, and if within range of each other, then I would expect them to be able to hear each other. Then there are all the different types of ‘tones’ you can use, and all of them limit reception to only other radios having the corresponding tone control. If you don’t plug-in a receive tone then you should be able to hear the other station. If the other guy does use tone control, then he may not hear you.

I’m a little surprised at the question, based on your licence type? Surely you have a VSWR meter and some adaptors that will show power output is actually there, and some other gear to set your mind at rest. You could even perhaps use a meter to see if it draws power. Your licence dates to the time when you HAD to have the ability to evidence your output power and frequency?

You say it’s suddenly stopped. The question is did it stop after reprogramming of any kind? I suppose I’m saying “did you fiddle”. Assuming it worked previously direct to another radio you have, this has ceased? Both ways? Normally it’s rare for TX and RX to both fail at the same time? On the Hytera range (I don’t actually know this one) there is on analogue and digital channels an LED the comes on if RF is being received, even if no audio pops out of the speaker. Some use a segment of the display with an RF ladder while others have a simple LED on the case. You have the software so why not do a reset and programme in a single analogue simplex frequency with no CTCSS/DTS. Just say, 435.0 receive and 435.0 transmit. Do the same on the other radio and see what happens. I assume the other test radio actually works? Have you also tried bringing up local repeaters or other local RF sources within the operating range? More info really.