OK, so I am new to this whole two-way radio thing, but trying to fumble my way around. I am a teacher in a public school, and we have several HYT TC-320 radios in use. We use channel 1 for most things, but our student-run tech crew uses channel 3.

So, I thought I would try something since I need to be listening to both channels at once. (More or less)

I bought a BAOFENG UV-5R radio thinking I could set up both bands on the BAOFENG and listen to both frequencies.

I have the settings for the HYT TC-320 on my computer, so I know the frequency I should be using. When I set that frequency, I can not use the BAOFENG to RX or TX and be heard by the HYT TC-320.

Does anyone have some pointers for me? Iā€™d love to find a way to do this.

It is likely the Hytera (HYT) is using a CTCSS tone. As such, you need to set that, in addition to the frequencies.

Thank you! That was it, the CTCSS was not set. Thank you! Works now!

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