HYS 25 WATT HT does anyone have one?

Does anyone have a HYS 25 watt HT?

Can you imagine the size of the battery required to power that thing for more than just a few minutes? Might have to put wheels on it.

It comes with a 4000 mah battery. Which wouldn’t last long on 25 watts. It can go 5 or 10 watts too.

SAR could be an issue. I have been in a QSO in the past on the 440 ham band with a 4W UHF handheld and noticed my eyes starting to itch after a couple of minutes. I don’t think I would want that much RF power (25W) driving an antenna close to my head. In FCC terminology, a handheld is referred to as a “body worn transmitter, held to face.”

It says not to hold it to close to your body lol. I’ll probably use it in the truck more than anything

Glad that’s at least UHF… That way only some of that RF will bounce around in the truck cab like a microwave oven :smiley:

Why not just get a mobile if using in a truck? My arms aren’t long enough to hold that at a distance where I could still talk clearly and feel safe at the same time. Are you planning to run an antenna outside the truck and use it like a mobile? That wouldn’t be too bad if they make a decent 12v adapter to keep it powered I suppose.

Yes i have an outside mag mount. Now if I could just figure out how to program it

I recently purchased one and still playing with it to see what kind of range I can get with it. I’d like to get a external handheld mic/speaker but having difficultly identifying something that is compatible. Any insight would be great. Thanks

I’m pretty certain that’s a pretend make - a rebadge of the ones usually sold with the Leixun branding, so that is the usual two prong plug. The most likely answer is that it’s the Baofeng wiring, but I can’t confirm that - but they’e cheap enough to risk from ebay.

a rebadge of the ones usually sold with the Leixun branding, so that is the usual two-prong plug is really Interesting

I’ve been selling one particular radio for about 5 years, made by a company called Chierda. I ordered some more this week and the rep said sorry, discontinued. I told her it was a shame, so she messaged back telling me Retevis bought most of their output, and if I looked for RT29, I could probably still buy some. ten just arrived and it’s the same radio, even the same software. Finding who makes the radios is so hard nowadays. Us Brits and Americans, expect branding to be like our home grown brands. A factory with a big well known make in big letters, but most of the big brands are made by outside smaller factories.

I just bought the HYS 25 watt radio and have a question. Is it a must to program the radio for it to work or is programming for optimal operation.

Chances are the frequencies in it will be illegal ones - never had a radio yet that came with legal channels for my country. With a radio with no keypad, a computer will be pretty vital as you want to change things. In fact, without one, you won’t even know what frequency and tones are even in it!

Paul is correct. Frequencies that come with the radio are test frequencies, and their use in any other country is not just illegal but possibly interfering with public service or business radios. Amazon has pulled these radios because they are not FCC licenced for anything, including Part 90 (business) nor GMRS. Legally, they can only transmit on amateur radio bands.

To try programming them, I would avoid the factory software (if you can find it) and the cheap programming cables that come with the counterfeit prolific chip. I highly recommend you go straight to the RT Systems cable and software. It will save you a lot of hassle in the end … at least until your battery fails to charge.

And it will.

By the way, that radio has been tested at far less than its advertised power output. There are far better amateur radios on the market, and if your intent was FRS or GMRS, it is best to buy a good quality radio dedicated to those bands.


Use program called “Note” on computer with standard program cable (mic to USB). It is very easy to use. smilar to chirp. I have several of these radios.

You can download software and drivers here.

I have several of these.

Hello, i have a HYS25 watt ht and have been using it when i take my walks in the neighborhood,today i took it with me to talk to my wife and when i keyed up to talk got a tone and no transmit. any suggestions,i checked program which is a r. t. systems program and all is ok

Get an external antenna with a wire and a magnetic antenna fixed to the truck body. Get a radio holder and a ptt on a wire