How to troubleshoot a two way radio

Episode 105 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast is out!

We explain what to do when your radio stops working. We’ll tell you how to perform troubleshooting steps if your radio doesn’t power on, doesn’t charge, or may be damaged. We also review the Midland EX37VP Two Way Radio Emergency Kit.

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TWRS-105 - What To Do When Your Two Way Radio Does Not Work

Thread is very old but thanks for this good info. It is very informative.

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From the professional radio technician’s perspective…field testing to triage a radio.

  1. Does the radio power on? If not check the power source for voltage (i.e do you have 12V or try a spare battery).
  2. Hook the radio up to a Wattmeter with a dummy load on the output and see if it is generating power. If not you’ve likely suffered a component failure. Of course this can’t be done with most FRS radios.
  3. If it makes power, check for forward/reflected power on the antenna (if it’s a mobile/base) or check a known good antenna (if portable).
  4. If you found an anomaly on the antenna (assuming mobile) disconnect the feedline from the radio and remove the antenna. Using a multi-meter, check the center conductor and the shield for a short, none should be present. If a short is not present, try a known good antenna.
  5. If you still haven’t figured out what is up, the radio needs to be checked on a service monitor.

You answer this very professional,

It would be better if there were test instruments to measure the launch and reception.