How to match midland gxt1000 with cobra am850

Hey. In this spring I bought a pair of midland gxt1000 and last week I have received as a gift a pair of Cobra am850. I don’t have any experience with this kind of radios. Now, in 2 days I’ll go in vacation with my friends so I need to use all radios. How can I match them ? I tried but no succes. Thank you for your help

Sorry I’m late. I couldn’t find the Cobra’s online to assure myself that they were frs/gmrs radios (please check to make sure you got the model right). If they are frs/gmrs,
Set the channels on all of your radios to the same channel. This should work. Also make sure there is no privacy codes set for any of the radios. And since you may not know: channels 1-7 and 15-22 require a license if the radios are able to operate above 2 watts (the Midland GXT1000’s can operate above 2 watts, so you will need one for those channels on those radios; idk about the Cobra’s).
If this info didn’t make sense, please tell me what you didn’t understand. Lol!

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Thank you.
I’ll check and I’ll let you know if working. But … before that, could you tell me please what is frs/gmrs ?

How can I find that these radios are frs or gmrs ?

FRS and GMRS are personal radio services used in North America, particularly the US and Canada intended for use by consumers. They are roughly the equivalent of PMR446 in the EU, although the frequencies and licensing are different.

You can find more information on FRS and GMRS here.

The Midland GXT1000 is a GMRS radios primarily sold in the US. The reason it is difficult to determine what your Cobra radios are is because the model number you provided doesn’t seem to match any known Cobra radios, at least here in North America. Is it possible your model is a Cobra MicroTalk MT850?

If so, that is a PMR446 radio manufactured for use only in the EU. This would explain why the GXT1000 radios won’t talk the Cobras. Although some of the frequencies are the same, others are not. Also, one or both of these radios may or may not be legal for use in some countries, depending on where you are and where you plan to travel. Some countries don’t care, but others do, so you want to research this before using them. We recently produced a podcast on the topic that may help.

TWRS-140 - Taking Two Way Radios to Another Country