how to make a simple transmitter and receiver

i wonder if its possible if i want to make a transmitter and receiver with only using:
Buzer(triggered when receives signal)

or do i need any other stuffs? my plan is to make somekind of transmitter and when i turn the current on,the buzer on the other circuit makes sound since its triggered.
it will be great if theres also a simple diagram i can see


Well, no. With the three listed components you will not be able to create a transmitter and receiver. I don’t think this forum is set up to answer that kind of question, but how good is your understanding of electronics? I can try to give you the quick version of a solution.

Hi Harris, We have several books about two way radios and one in particular that may help you find what you are looking for.

Basic Radio - Understanding the Key Building Blocks includes many radio projects, including basic receivers and transmitters that you can build yourself, complete with simple explanations, instructions and schematics. Perhaps it has what you need.