How to make a 7 digit freg stay on a BAOFENG UV-5r

Trying to program some local frequencies into my new BAOFENG UV-5R.
I’m still a little green at this.
OK, So I type in a frequency that is 7 digit like 483.1375.
Within 5 seconds, it reverts back to the closet 6 dig number like 483.125.
Yes, I have frequency mode selected and TDR is turned off.
How do I make the 7 digit Freq stay?

That is happening for one of two reasons. Either your radio is set to enter and store frequencies in larger frequency steps or your radio does not support entering frequencies in such small steps at all. For instance, my UV-5R only supports 6 digit entry, although it is an older version and I don’t use the UV-5R much anymore.

If you have a Baofeng that does support 7 digits, you need to check the STEP option in the menu. Before you enter a frequency into the radio, you will need to change the frequency step to a smaller step, if it is supported.

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Thank you Rick, I did change the step to 2.5K and still did not take.
I guess it is just not supported.
That is to bad, considering most of my local safety frequencies are 7 digit, ending in a 5.

It would need to be 6.25 or 12.5 khz step.

Your radio is not a scanner and shouldn’t be used as one…

It scans too slow to be used as a scanner and it probably transmits on any frequency programmed into it which makes it illegal to use.

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And Thank You Roadmaster, the 6.25 step worked.
We can now listen and be under the illusion that we are safer…

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You are very welcome, all I can say is that I have some old scanners that does not go to that resolution and they are still useable on those frequencies, but when you have an analog phone and a digital data piggybacked on the same frequency, it helps to know the DCS and block out the loud buzzing noise.

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If you have a newer radio they use AI and it will show a very small 5 at the end of the 6 digits.

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