How to get LESS reception?

Everyone wants better reception but here’s a strange one…

Today we took our racecar to a track which is about 3 miles from a prison.
The Prs 400mhz channels that we use are “jammed” by the prison presumably to stop perps talking via radio waves.
It ruined our weekend till we could work out what was going on. Basically the racetrack is on the edge of the jamming transmission zone.

Is there a way to limit the receive ability so we can talk to the racecar (500 yards max) but it won’t pick up the jamming noises?

As an afterthought I thought about just removing the antennas from our baofeng units but I read that may damage them?

It’s not about distance, it’s about signal strength. If the jammer reaches as far as the circuit, then all you can do is add an attenuator, but of course if your radios are weaker than the jammer, then the attenuator reduces them by exactly the same amount meaning the signal to noise (as in wanted to unwanted) stays exactly the same. Oddly in the Uk, jammers are illegal.

Your only solution is to get a new system in a band that is protected.