How to get all three to work together ?

I have three models of two way radios

  1. Motorola T100
  2. Motorola MH series
  3. Arcshell or Baofeng BF-888S ( they are the same i think)

I am trying to let them all work together. How can I do that?

Well - the two Motorolas are legal PMR446 radios, and assuming they’re UK versions - the TH100 has the least channels - so transmit on these and the other Motorola should have that frequency and tone programmed into one of the channels. The Baofeng can be programmed with these frequencies and tones, but strictly speaking, it isn’t legal - being too powerful and having the faculty for a better antenna. Have you tried the two Motorolas and found the common channels?

Yes the Motorolas don’t work together I have tried them. I just do not get why

The blurb on one of them suggests DCS codes rather than CTCSS, to give more potential codes, so if that’s the case - without reprogramming them, if you can get the software, which I suspect you can’t - you’re stuck. They’re dirt cheap - so probably cheaper to just buy more?