how to determine current frequence???

so here is the deal the company I currently work for has 6- CP200’s 4 channel. As time has went on the original purchaser has left the company, with out anyone knowing the freq. Is there a way to find out what frequency we currently have as we would like to program 6- HYT TC-610’s to the same freq. ???

Your company should have the frequency on file when it was licensed to the business. If you cannot locate it, you will either need to obtain the programming cable and software for your radio and connect it to a computer to read it or send it to a dealer to have it done.

they don’t have them. Who or where do you recommend getting a cable. I have looked around and it seems there are many different styles. I have purchased cables before thinking they were only to find out they were cheap knock offs that aren’t compatible or don’t work. Is the programming something I could do my self? My knowledge of radios is very basic.

In that case I would recommend taking them to a dealer to find out the current programming specs and frequencies assigned. They should be able to read the radio and it would cost you less in the long run.