How to check FCC rules part certification?


New guy here… I’ve done a bunch of ‘research’ (read: Google) on how to not screw up on GMRS. I DO have a GMRS license (received this month). What I want to do now is get some better radios (**which might also allow me to LISTEN on 70cm to see if it’s something I would like to get into later). ‘Commercial’ radios are widely regarded as superior to bubble-pack radios (duh), usually cover the GMRS frequencies (AND some can cover 70cm!), and I’ve read that indeed, these radios are now commonly being used for GMRS but that you have to ensure that they are Part 95 certified (NOTE: HAM gear is NEVER part 95 certified or else I’d be looking at HAM radios). This is where I’m having trouble…

I found the FCC ‘Equipment Authorization Search’ page and figured out how to find and input the FCC ID for the radios I’m looking for, but nowhere in the search results can I find the FCC ‘grant’ which shows the CFR ‘parts’ the radio is certified for.

** NOTE: I found a bunch of websites that say ‘radio xxx is part 95 certified…’ but I want (need?) to see the actual FCC page that says it.

Here’s an example:

I’ve heard that the Kenwood TK-370G is Part 95 certifed. The FCC ID is ALH29473110. I do a search at the FCC search page referenced above:

I then click on the ‘detail’ link and get a bunch of pdf docs of the tests that were performed. The only part certification I can find is on the picture of the label… which says Part 15 certified. :frowning:

I HAVE seen links to the actual FCC ‘GRANT’ documents in pdf format (not for this radio though), but I don’t know how to search for them.

Enough babbling… did this make sense? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Just to clarify, what I’m looking for is the path to get to this type of document for whatever radio/FCC-ID I need:

I want to input the FCC ID of any radio into a search, and get that “GRANT OF EQUIPMENT AUTHORIZATION Certification” (see link).

Thanks again.

I guess it’s called FORM 731.

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Instead of “Detail Summary”, click on the checkmark icon next to that column under the column heading “Display Grants” and it should take you to the page you are searching for.

THANK YOU!! :smiley:

It was right in front of me the whole time. :o