How much advantage will a larger antenna have?

I just purchased a little handie talkie marine radio to use when my father and I go fishing in the basin. Since we use 2 different boats, the handie is easier. It comes with the standard rubber duck antenna, but I found a 45" antenna on Ebay that screws into a BNC connector. Wouldn’t that give me, at the very least, much better recieve performance over a rubber duck? I would think so.

I’m currently waiting for it all to come in, the radio should arrive soon but the adapter and the actual long antenna are coming from China so they will be a while.

The reason I got it is two fold.

  1. There are places where we fish that there is no cell phone coverage. And it’s pretty desolate in some areas of the basin. You can literally be 20 miles in all directions from the nearest anything other than an alligator, snake or cypress tree. However, we’re only 15 miles or so from the coast, which is monitored heavily by the coast guard.

  2. It can receive the weather and if we happen to go fishing on a day with questionable weather, having up to the minute weather updates out there is nice, considering the 4G data coverage in the middle of the swamp is non-existent.

The antenna has a lot to do with range. Besides the terrain and atmospheric conditions, the antenna and its position will be the two most important factors to consider when maximizing range, and certainly more important than the wattage of the radio.