How Do I Manually Store Frequencies On A Baofeng BF-F8+?

Any ideas please how i store PMR446 frequencies for example? Haven’t picked up much on 136-174MHZ in the 400MHZ to 512MHZ it picks up strange noises i think it’s about 450MHZ like a continuous call tone nobody talks.At least i won’t have to ever worry when transmitting on any frequency & having OFCOM at my door The services are digital police & probably local taxis.Not sure if anyone knows if these Baofeng BF-F8+ can actually unencrypt these services in it’s menu settings? Mind these Transceivers has excellent transmitting range unlike the PMR446 radios.

Christopher, as Paulears posted in the other thread, programming the BF-F8+ for PMR446 frequencies is not recommended. As I said in the same thread, it is an analog radio. It will not work with digital transmissions and cannot decrypt them.

There are many tutorials online that explain how to program Baofeng radios such as the UV-5R and BF-8+, and it is relatively easy to do with the right instruction and software. You can find even some of these resources for amateur use on our site at Buy Two Way Radios. If you can program a UV-5R, you can program a BF-F8+ (for amateur use only).

However, as Paulears said, the BF-F8+ is not legal for use on PMR446, and using it to listen only could become problematic because the radio is capable of transmitting on them, even if it is only unintentional.