How close to use?

I hope somebody can answer this question I have about FRS or GMRS.
I want to use a couple of small two way radios on a motorcycle to converse with my passenger. Can this be done using head sets with boom mikes, and both radios set to operate on VOX???
Thanks, Ron

If you are asking if it’s doable, absolutely. If you are using radios to communicate with a passenger on your motorcycle or a group of bikers that stay within close proximity of each other, you should be good with an FRS radio with helmets and headsets. Any farther than a couple of hundred yards or so on the open road and you will likely need to go with GMRS.

VOX can be tricky to work with in a high noise environment, but if you have radio gear that is optimized for use on motorcycles - and there are a lot of options available today - What you are asking is very do-able.

For more information, here are some resources that may help.

Two Way Radios For Motorcycles

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Radio 101 - Using VOX on two way radios

Thanks for the information.