How about a HAM radio area?

I don’t have anywhere to discuss HAM radio on this forum. I’m really shocked no one else has inquired about an area for HAM operators. How about it, Jeff? :cool:

That is not a bad idea at all, I will talk about it with the guys here to see what they think.

Not sure what happened with this, but I haven’t heard anything more about it.

Well you only posted a week ago… give it time :slight_smile:

Problem is, though, BuyTwoway radios doesn’t sell any amateur gear… BUT… with a ham topic, it could attract business in the areas they do cover…


I talked to Danny about this yesterday. We both agreed it was a good idea but as John mentioned we do not carry amateur gear, and Ham is a bit outside of our focus. However, since this forum is not another corporate news board, and is meant to be a true community resource, we decided to put it in place to try it out. :slight_smile: