Home made GMRS repeater

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if it is possible to build a GMRS repeater for the average store bought GMRS radio. It would just be a 5 watt repeater that would help boost range a little. Ive heard that most of these GMRS radios are not capable of transmitting over a repeater and im not sure why?


Very few ‘bubblepack’ radios have the option to use a repeater, correct.

Also, the FCC is apparently considering removing repeaters from GMRS entirely, though that won’t happen for some time yet.

I just dont understand why these radios cant be used with a repeater. If i the radio transmits of 467 mhz, and i make a repeater with an input of 467 mhz, with and ouput of 467 mhz, why wouldnt it work?

Because repeaters don’t use 467 MHz only.

Repeaters are 462.xxx output, 467.xxx input. That is, in repeater mode, you transmit TO the repeater on 467, it transmits BACK to you and other users on 462 MHz. Non-repeater radios do not have any provision for having different transmit and receive frequencies.

Also, since GMRS repeaters are by rule NOT allowed to be ‘open to all users’, as the owner/licensee must maintain a written list of all users permitted on the system, many repeaters are deliberately set up using CTCSS tones that are NOT one of the 32 or 38 tones ‘common’ to find in bubblepack radios, or use ‘split’ tones, where the transmit and receive CTCSS/DTS tone must be different, also something no bubblepack can do, to prevent ‘pirate’ use of their repeaters by bubblepack, generally non-licensed users.

My ham handie-talkie, for instance, has 42 different CTCSS tones… and yep, the local GMRS repeaters I use use one of those ‘unusual’ tones, along with being split tone.

Thanks for the info skip!!
That cleared things up much better, know i understand,
Thanks again.