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Any thoughts or recommendations on a GMRS Base station? Was looking at using a midland MTX500. Always open to suggestions!

Sorry if this was discussed already 10,000 times.

Please be kind to the newbie?….

The Midland MTX500 would seem to be a good choice. IMO, the Midland products are a bit clumsy for on the go and changing tones often. As a base station, coupled with an adequate power supply, It should perform well.
I have the MTX275 and it’s been solid so far.


I’ve got the Wouxun KG-1000G+ as a base and a mobile unit…seems to be a good radio. I’m using an Ed Fong tuned antenna about 45’ above the ground (200+ above sea level). A quality LMR400 coax. Samlexpower SEC-1235M power supply. I’m happy with the coverage. Good luck.

Thanks for the help! New to it and want to buy nice NOT rwice!

I have an MXT500 along with a Tekpower TP30SWI 30 amp power supply. I’m currently using the MXTA26 6db antenna along with DXE-400MAX coax.
I couldn’t be more pleased with this setup. NO complaints❗️

Tom WRQE346

Thanks Tom!

Rob Wrpy380

Wouxun KG-1000G+ is my choice. More flexibility. Not only can you listen to GMRS, but you can receive local EMS and other frequencies. With the Midland, just GMRS.