Hiking antenna

Hello! First post, as I am not able to find anything through google!
I own a Wouxun KG-UVD1P, and a Nagoya NA-701 antenna.
As I am about to go on a pretty long hiking trip, I am looking for a better antenna option.
I will be as far as 60 kilometers from the repeater station the base has.
I am going to travel by skis and a mountain sled.
Do you have any tips on an antenna that is pretty cheap (maximum 30 dollars), somehow foldable/telescopic and would be good for my uses?

quite strange it is that Google has nothing to suggest in this issue when the firm too operate on the same technology

Hi Jackii, welcome to the forums!

The Na-701 is a very good whip antenna and is the one my son and I use on our Baofeng UV-5R dual band radios. We can hit our local repeaters from about 20 miles (33 km) with no problem. However, the repeater antenna has a high elevation and we are in line-of-light of it.

It is possible to get 60km or more from your Wouxun and an NA-701 but it will depend largely on where you are in relation to the repeater. If you and the repeater are on top of mountains with clear line of sight, it is possible you could hit it very easily.

However, if you are on the opposite sides of the range or even the same mountain, it won’t matter what antenna you use, it won’t get very far.

Telescopic antennas are a mixed bag. I don’t use them myself for several reasons. I have heard of some that are decent, but I’ve heard too many complaints from others who said the ones they tried actually performed worse than the whips and, in some cases, even the rubber duck antennas that come bundled with some of the radios.

The antenna is very important, but so is your environment, especially in your situation.

Here are some antennas that should work with the KG-UVD1P. Keep in mind that your mileage, or rather, your kilometers will vary even more depending on your surroundings.