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For the moment I owe a pair of MOTOROLA T80 two way radios but I feel ready to move on to the next level so that I extend their range. My needs relate mainly to city use.
I have been strongly attracted by the baofeng BF-F9V2+ two-way radios but I also consider seriously the Cobra CXT 1035R FLT.

Having already read some great inputs (and thanks a ton for those!) may I ask if by moving to one of the two I will increase my radios’ range? From 0.5W (motorola T80) to 8W (Baofeng) or 7W (Cobra) respectively should make some considerable difference isn’t it? With the T80 I can only speak for about 500 meters…

Second question: If I buy the radios in the US, shall they be operational in EU or other continents when I travel?

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You really need to give us more information.

What radio services are you intending on using?

Do you have the appropriate licenses to use these radios, if applicable?

What are you using the radios for?

Where do you live, USA, EU?

The Talkabout T-80 is a PMR-446 radio. This is the European license free radio service.

These are NOT legal for use in the USA. You would be interfering with licensed services in the USA, such as amateur, Fire, Police, etc.

The Cobra 1035 you were referring to is an FRS/GMRS radio that is legal in the USA. It is NOT legal in Europe, for most of the same reasons I specified above.

FRS does not require a license. GMRS DOES require a license. You can only use some of the lower power channels without a license.

Use of a Baofeng radio ANYWHERE in the world requires a valid Amateur Radio license, or a business radio license. Baofeng radios are NOT legal on FRS, GMRS, or PMR-446.

Any of these license free services run under limited power, so your range is going to be limited without exploring another radio service that requires a license.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your fast and detailed reply jwilkers!

  1. No licence for me for the moment, as I only use radios when I split with the family while being on holidays. I really need to take a look on this as a licence would be important for the future so that I increase the range…

  2. I can see the barrier between USA and EU rules, I was not aware of them. So even my Motorola T80 for my trip to the US could cause me trouble since they are not allowed to be used without a permit as you said…

  3. In regards to the exposure to radiation I guess these devices are not dangerous for kids right? If they respect the distance from the head and the vertical position I mean…

Thanks a ton once again!


You are welcome…

There would be be no exposure risks to kids.