Help with use and performance issues of a radio.

Hello everyone, first post here. Just today I bought a Concept 2000 base station (at least I think that’s what to call it since that’s all it says.) After dumping the old batteries and cleaning the terminals of a little rust, i see it worked! Now I guess onto the questions, first off, I’d like as much info on the thing as possible, I hear it can transmit the audio (via the mic attachment which i have) or the built in Morse code, on channel 14, but I’m not sure where that is on. There is a port labeled “DC” which I’m assuming is an optional power cord (please correct me if I’m wrong) and if I’m right, would anyone know what amount of power it would take? I don’t want to short it. Also the AM part seems to work fine and can get rather loud depending on the volume set, but the CB selection (if i do find something through all the static), I cant seem to make it any louder (which may be due in part to the fact that the sources may be far away), and speaking of which the volume knob is rather fidgety and lets out a lot of static if you touch it, anyway to fix that? Again answers to these questions and anything else you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Here are a couple pictures:

Sorry for the pictures being links, I was having trouble uploading them directly on here.