Help with Speaker/mics????

I now own a pair of Midland GXT100’s and I also purchased a pair of Speaker Mics for use while snowmobiling for assisting in local search and rescue along with just keeping the entire group together while out riding.

I found the ecommerce site here and they don’t offer speaker mics so I found another dealer that sells them and ordered them up.
I’ve already sent them back for work because they started transmitting as soon as I plugged in the mic to the radio.:mad:

I get them back and now the issue is that I would have to tape the speaker mic to my ear to be able to hear a thing that was transmitted by another radio.:mad:

Shouldn’t the speaker in the Speaker/mic be every bit as loud as the speaker in the GXT1000?

I’ve already called them and spoke to their “Technical support” and he assures me they will do everything to correct the problem or give me back my money.
I already have 26$ into shipping, both to buy them originally and send them back the first time.
Now I have to send them back again…Another 13$:mad:

Am I just not going to find a great speaker/mic that I can clip to my coat similar to what police and firefighters use?
Will they NOT work with a Midland GXT1000?
If these can’t be made to work right does anyone know where I CAN get a quality Speaker/mic for the GXT1000?

Sorry for all the questions.! :wink:

We have speaker mics for Midland: In fact we carry a lot of speaker mics (depending on the brand).

But the quetion I have is does the speaker mic you sell provide the same volume as the speaker in the radio itself?
The info I’m getting is that the GXT does not support a speaker mike with any real volume because there is no amplification to the speaker jack. Only really enough for an earbud or similar.
Is that true?
I need the speaker mic to be loud to hear over a snowmobile engine… as loud as the radios speaker itself.
Thanks for your response !

Midland radios have weak output from the auxiliary jack. In fact there are no consumer radios that are very loud using a speaker mic. You could try using an earpiece plugged into the output of the speaker mic, but that may not be an option.

For truly loud speaker mics, you have to move up to a commercial grade radio.