Help with Sepura STP9040


I was wondering whether it was at all possible to put a Sepura STP9040 (or one of the 9000 series) onto the UK PMR446 frequencies.

I know this sounds really stupid but its something I would like to do.

I have no real experience in programming radios and thus would need someone to do it for me (if it is at all possible) and obviously I would pay.

Hopefully someone knows the answer!


As far as I know, the Sepura doesn’t do ordinary FM, so being a Tetra radio, who would you talk to? If it is a friend with an identical one, then why bother going to a public band, where the mode and power output make it illegal? Assuming it’s the 9040 then it can transmit in the correct band, but what is the point? The fact it is Tetra means nobody will know what the new digital user is, so you could pick almost any frequency in the 400-470 band. I assume it’s been opened for programming and you just need somebody who can do it?