Help with purchase

I had 2 Motorola Talkabout 250 radios stolen from my truck last week.

I need to purchase 2 new ones on Monday. We leave on vacation next Friday. Which Motorola FRS radios have the single pin for a speaker mic? The speaker/mic I plan on getting is the XLT SM100-MT Does anyone have any comments on this speaker/mic.

I need a radio with strong volume, clarity, and simple to use. I will be using this radio on the frs freq’s (channel 14 subcode 6).

We use these radios for traveling down the road and backing up the fifth wheel trailer (40’). I will only be purchasing 1 speaker mic.

I would appreciate any and all input.

Respectfully Submitted,

Hi Andy,

Jwilkers posted a review of the mic in the forum. Follow this link
Any of the newer model Motorola’s will have the single pin for use with the mic.