Help with my motorola 410

i have 4 motorola dtr 410 radios and one dtr 650 they do not communicate with each other i have programming cable and the software downloaded but cannot figure out how to do it the 410 radios and the 650 radio were bought from different people please help thank you in advance

Before you dive into the software, make sure each radio is tuned to the same channel and the same unit ID. That can be done from the keyboard.

If they are still not talking to each other when all radios are tuned to the same channel and the same unit ID number, then something is wrong.

all i have is the cable how do you get them on same channel and unit id?

guess im confused on how these work because i have one of the radios talking to the radio i was trying to hook up to all just confused on how to get them all to talk to each other dont know which setting to change or program in?

Try this simple programming before you dive into the CPS software. It will get the radios talking to each other. In chapter 3 of the user manuaL, it details how to get into programming mode. It is very hard to understand the manual though, so try this sequence using just the keypad of the radio:

  • Turn radio on using the red power button
  • Enter programming mode by holding down the HOME key and pushing the PTT 3 times, then release the HOME key, push the RIGHT OPTION key (the one that looks like a flat bar), then pushing the DOWN key (the arrow down symbol), then pushing the LEFT OPTION key, then pushing and holding the HOME key while pushing the PTT 3 times.
  • Once in programming mode, select CONTACTS. Select NEW CONTACT. Change TYPE from PRIVATE to PUBLIC GRP. Change CHANNEL to any channel 1 to 10. Scroll down further to ID. Select any ID number 1 to 50. Select SAVE.
  • Now do the same for all the radios. Each radio must be set to the same channel and the same ID number.

This will get the radios talking to each other.

Again, the sequence to enter programming mode is HOME plus push PTT 3 times, RIGHT OPTION, DOWN arrow, LEFT OPTION, HOME plus push PTT 3 times. You need to change the new contact to PUBLIC GRP before you are allowed to change the ID number.

Once you get them all talking to each other, then you can start connecting the programming cable and the software to set up private and public groups. The advantage of groups is that you can set up subgroups so that every user doesn’t hear every call. You can also add the other radios to your contact list so you can call individual radios, send them a text message or an alert tone.

Note that if you don’t need the groups, contact lists or private groups, you can just get them talking to each other like any other 2-way radio by programming them all with the same CHANNEL number (1 to 10) and the same ID number (1 to 50 on the 410 and 1 to 100 on the 550/650.) You don’t need the software to do this.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you. It’s been a long time since I programmed mine.

well … i got it and have to try it out … appreciate sharing it