Help with my MAXON radios

Hello there… First post from me.
Just wanted to see if there are specs for this radio kit I have inherited. Is it so obsolete that I should just sell?

Consists of 4 radios and a 6-way charging station.

Please see pics for more info. Any advice or links to specs appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT - Cannot seem to upload images, so details follow::

4 x SL-1102 vhf Transceivers
With 4 x BTP1501L 7.4v Li-Polymer Batteries
And 1 x 6 way Rack Charger :: serial # 14091

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Well, it depends on where you are and what you want to use them for. First, look up the FCC ID on the FCC web site. I think these are business radios, so that has some significance to it, because the rules have changed somewhat on bandwidth requirements since then. If you are located in the US and you want to use them for business, and they are really old, they are probably not useable, because as of 2013, all business radios must meet narrowband specs.

I found an SP1102 but not an SL1102, so I have no specs on yours. Look up the FCC ID and find out what service it is type accepted for and that will determine a lot.