Help with Motorola DLR 1060 Radios

Hello Everyone, I am new to this sight

Just purchased 18 Motorola DLR1060 radios for a youth camp working environment. We have been very pleased with the radios so far and love some of the features they bring. I purchased the programming cable and downloaded the programming software.

My question is: Is anyone using the “Home Channel” feature that is supposed to return a radio to its home channel after 6 seconds of inactivity. In other words, you can switch to 1 of 6 channels and call someone, then after 6 seconds of inactivity, the radio returns to whatever channel you have programmed as the “Home Channel”

I love this idea. However the 6 seconds seems to be to short. I have people being cut off in the middle of conversations even with the button pushed. Can this 6 seconds be lengthened? I cannot seem to find where if possible. It seems with all the other features that you can program with this radio, this time length would make sense.

Sorry to ramble, just wondered if anyone else had experience with this issue. I will have to turn that feature off for now until something changes.
Thank for listening

I have the latest version (5.0) of the CPS. There is no ability to change that time. It should only happen if there is no activity for six seconds and should not change back to the home channel if the radio is being used or if anyone else is transmitting.

This is one of those features that seem a good idea when programming but is rarely used in real life. The vast majority of people want a set-it-and-forget-it radio, which the DLR radios are perfect for, and if they change channels, they will just need to remember to change back again.

Because the channel has not physical indication of what channel you are on, you would think this is useful but it is not really. Besides, I have used radios with a physical dial that directly indicates what channel I am on … and I STILL forget occasionally to switch back to the main channel.

Just for fun, have you tried using the CPS to name the channels with distinctive names, such as “main” or “dispatch” instead of the generic “channel one” etc.? You need to enable voice in the CPS, but it then announces the name instead of the number.

Thanks for your reply.

I did name the channels and love that feature. We use all 6 channels and this helps people keep it clear for sure.

I was excited about the “Home Channel” feature because pretty much daily we are trying to get a hold of someone who is supposed to be on a certain channel and, sure enough, says “Oh I’m sorry I forgot to change my channel back”. The 6 seconds just does not work. Longer would be great , but until then I’ll just shut it off.

Thanks again for your help