Help with Marine Handheld Speaker Mic

Hi All!

New to the forum, and looking for some guidance. I have a Uniden MHS125 submersible VHF two-way radio that i use for Kayak fishing on the east coast. I’m having a hard time finding a waterproof Speaker mic for this unit. Uniden has a water resistant model(SM81), but its terrible. I bought one, and it was out of commission after one outing. My question is, does anyone know of another model that will fit what i am looking for? I having a had a hard time determining the style of connector for this particular radio. The jack has a threaded sleeve, and i cannot seem to find one that looks the same.

thanks in advance for any help!

Perhaps you were expecting too much? The radio is designed for submersion (JIS8 standard) but the speaker mic is only rated for occasional splashes (JIS4 standard.)

I don’t know of any speaker mics under $100 that are rated for much more than JIS6 or so. JIS4 means that the speaker can survive a brief splash or a bit of driving rain but if it is used once the speaker material gets soaked through and before it can dry, it will probably not work properly again.

I appreciate that insight, however i am not overly concerned with price point. does such a beast exist?

You can Google waterproof speaker mics and see if any come in a Uniden connector. The other issue is that you could buy three Uniden mics for the same amount of money as one fully-waterproof speaker mic (and you still may not necessarily get the sound quality you are looking for.)

If you are concerned about submerging the speaker mic, I would put the radio and mic into a waterproof bag, or just run with the radio.

I have found a few that I think might work. I guess I’m trying to find out if the 1/8" connectors on the mics are universal. Mine has threading around the outside of the jack, but the ones I see when googling it, do not.