Help With Kenwood TK3131 Issue

I purchased the TK3131 in 2008 and it has worked flawlessly since then until two days ago. I use the TK3131 on a motorcycle with others for bike to bike communications. Two days ago, when I first turned on the radio in the early morning, there was a constant “shhhhh” from the speakers ( and headset) and the green led light was on. At first, I thought someone else was on the channel but it continues for miles and now it is a constant squelch sounding noise whenever the radio is on–with or without the headset. I have gone through the menu and did a reset which did not eliminate the noise. I can transmit and receive even though the green light is on and the squelch noise is present. Is there a way to eliminate the noise?
Is this a repair item even though the radio has been discontinued?

What are my options for saving the radio?



I’m not really familiar with that radio, but it sounds as though from your description that the monitor button (after looking at the manual online) might be depressed for some reason…just a thought…good luck!

Thanks for the reply–but the monitor button is not engaged so that’s not the anwser.

is there a little speaker icon on the LCD screen when this static is going?

Thanks James but the speaker icon is not on when the squelch noise is present. I can push the monitor button and the speaker icon appears but it does not interupt or otherwise change the sqelch sounding noise. The “Sheeee” noise sounds like squelch noise of a CB radio.

Keep on trying folks.

Ok thats good, there should be a POT inside the radio i think its 201 not positive, so see if you can find the service manual for the radio… that pot sets the auto squelch threshold. maybe you dropped or jared the radio and shifted that setting.

I think James has a good point and I do not care to go inside the radio. So I sent the radio to a Kenwood repair facility.