Help with handsfree headsets

So I bought a couple of 3-wire headsets to use with walkie talkies while I am on my motorcycle. For those who don’t know this means the push-to-talk, microphone, and earpiece are all on different wires.
Anyways, I picked up a pair of Cobra radios but am having problems getting everything working.
I tested everything ahead of time and it worked great. Today I went to use them for the first time on the bike and they would not work. So when I got home I took a look at them and do not know what the problem is. I think I read somewhere that you have to plug the headset in before turning on the walkie, so I’ve been doing that. However, I can only get them to work very rarely now. Sometimes one of the walkies will work with the headset but the other won’t, and then a few minutes later neither are working. I’ve switched everything around and at some point have gotten each headset to work with each walkie, so I know there isn’t 1 thing that is causing the problem. Just thought I would check here to see if anyone has any experience with these and knows what I am doing wrong.


When you are having the problem, does it work ok when you remove the connector from the Cobra…?

Can you communicate with another one…?

Maybe the connector that you are using is not the right type.

Its probably making partial contact.

Does the TX icon on the Cobra comes on when you press the push-to-talk button…?

There are a few test that you can do in order to elliminate the gremlin…