Help with FRS radio frequency

I?m picking up a military frequency on my midlands x talker T51A on FRS channel 17 which I looked up and figured out it was frequency 462.6000. I have a repeater less than a mile from me and a military base a few miles from me and I?m trying to figure out who it is. Does anyone know where I can look up who is using the frequency in my radio based on my area? Thanks guys.

FRS frequencies are not assigned to individuals or organizations, so there is no list of users on a specific FRS channel or frequency in a specific area. The military doesn’t generally share any frequency with FRS, although it is possible there could be some interference with a very strong signal. There are radio direction hunting techniques that may help locate the source of the interference. Hams usually practice such techniques with an activity known as a foxhunt. If you know a ham who participates in foxhunts, consider asking him or her for assistance in locating the source of the signal.

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