Help with Car Rally Radios

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me. I am new to this subject. I am looking for the best two way radio set up to communicate between two cars. We will be using the radios in rural areas of Mexico. Is there anything that will work in truly rural areas? The cars might be as far apart as 5 miles at any given point in time. In the past I purchased walkie-talkies from Amazon that claimed to have a range of 30 miles, but they really didn’t work very well at all. Thank you

You will need mobile radios. If you are looking at using this for something like the Baja races…you need to get with the race coordinators and see if they have a designated comms plan for you to use. Many of the smaller regional courses still have designated comms plans. For example, some friends of mine raced in the Texas circuits before getting into the Baja buggy and trophy truck circuits and they always had a VHF comms plan for the races (even though they maintained their own VHF itinerants).

Check with Rugged Radios, they specialize in race/rally com setups. They will know exactly what you need.