HELP! Programming XPR6850 - Codeplug

Hello and this is my first posting. I am new to the programming and I have a question regarding a Motorola XPR 6850. The radios I have were working fine, and I purchased another one to work with the set I already had. It needed programming so I purchased the software, and hooked up the old radio to save the settings it had. When I plugged it in and ran the MOTOTRBO software, it gave me a message of “codeplug in the device needs to be modified in order for the device to function correctly. Do you want to continue?” I pushed yes, saved the settings, but now the radio will not communicate with the other radios. When I push the PTT button it gives me a tone which will not stop until I release the button. How can I fix this and what is a codeplug? Thank you for any help!

Why on earth did you push yes? Too late now, but before you ever write TOO a radio, you read it first, then save that file. You probably have put into the radio a batch of incompatible settings - settings that determine the frequencies, codes, splits, names, groups and everything - called a ‘codeplug’. You are going to have to start a new one from scratch, unless you kept the details this will be tough. Wrong software can also cause this sometimes - so a codeplug for the wrong radio should be rejected - but sometimes the radio accepts it and totally screws up.

When connecting the radio to the software, it gave me no other choice except to say yes. It would not read, write, clone, or anything unless I said yes to the question. Luckily, I was able to get the codeplug copy and everything is better. So, it had to be the software that I was dealing with that caused the issue because when I reloaded the software it worked.