HELP: Midland GXT950VP4 Question

I’ve been spending the past few weeks thoroughly researching my options for GMRS radios. I’ve been able to narrow it down to the Midland GXT850VP4 and the Cobra 7200. Just as I was about to make my purchase, I noticed that the Midland GXT850 is not available on this site. I went to amazon and noticed that there is a GXT950VP4. This now complicates things for me, because I can’t find any information about this radio. What is the difference between the 850 and the 950? Can anyone help me out?

As far as features, the GXT950VP4 adds 20 “extra” channels, dual channel watch, and voice scrambling (available in later versions of the GXT850VP4). Power seems to have also been improved. On the FCC’s web site, which typically reports the “true” output power of a radio, the GXT850 is shown to have 1.6 watts. The GXT950 is showing 5.3. More information on Midland’s new models is available here.

The GXT900/950 are expected to be available late June or early July. We are accepting pre-orders for the Midland GXT900VP4, which is the same as the 950 except for the color.

A few days ago, your website said that the Midland GXT-900-VP4 would become available to ship on 7/6. And now I visit and it says that it is expected to ship 8/5. What’s the real schedule?

I badly need this pair of radios for my long distance biking trips. If my experiences with it fare well, my buddies are going to buy it from here too.