Help Me Please With This

Does anyone know what brand of radio this is? A friend gave it to me and he lost all the paperwork for it. I’m trying to program it but can’t figure out what kind it is. Thanks in advance!!

Have you checked under the battery pack - the details are usually hidden in there? I have to say I’ve never seen that one before.

Hopefully it’ll come back to me, that logo (or remains of) on the display lens looking a bit like the Star Fleet logo from ST rings a bell.

I’ve definitely seen one of that specific design, from some time back, when commercial gear was either chunky brick-like or discrete/compact by toylike easily mistaken for kiddie radios.

If it’s the one I remember, it was kinda like the Motorola Star-Tac equivalent in handheld radios, very compact in body and like the Star-Tac, had a few inherent construction weaknesses. Nothing bad, mind, electronics/function wise.