Help me codeplug, help me me codeplug. To the Beachboys Help me Rhonda

I am the nearly proud owner of a Radioddity RD-5R. I’m located in the New England area. I’m looking for a Codeplug for the radio that has at least some repeaters in the NE area to help me get started. I found a reference to “Codeplug for all NEDECN New England Repeaters” from Steve (K1ST) but everywhere I looked I can’t find the file. Thank you in advance for any help.

Are you using ‘Chirp’? I’m pretty sure that has resources from the pull down menus to find stations in your area that you can cut & paste in.

Chirp is not compatible with any DMR radio.

Best thing to do is study the enormous resources online on how to build a codeplug. Once you get the basics down, it becomes quite easy.