Help me choose radio for my car

I have read plenty of posts on here and found gazillion things but I am having trouble finding what I need. I will be using GMRS radios in two vehicles, from what I understand maximum power allowed is 50 watts for GMRS and the handheld units usually top out at about 5 watt. I don’t want a handheld unit, I want one of the vehicle mounted units. So I searched ebay and found couple good ones but they are not GMRS specific. Can somebody tell me if I can use radios that cover more than one frequency band, such as “400-800”? can they be specifically tuned to precise frequency? Here are few links to what I found. The other question is which antenna to use with these or how to tune one. Help please:)

nobody knows?:confused:

We have something in the works that will apply to this, and something a lot of GMRS users have asked about. I can not say more, but we plan to have more info in the next day or two. Secrets and all that.

Any commercial radio that has FCC part 95 type acceptance will work. There are no GMRS-specific mobiles… most folks use commercial gear.

We are now selling Icom mobile radios:

This one: can be set to use GMRS frequencies.