Help ! I need a know it all !! or someone who knows a lot about radios

Hello guys thanks for looking.

I have a motorbike hobby. the trouble is i go off the road and down greenlanes / byways a lot, at the moment i use a bluetooth bike to bike radio system.

Its ok as long as i’m not more that 200 yrds away from my buddy and also in clear view. The moment we go out of site of each other we loose or the transmition becomes rather bad, The headset is VOX operated and shuts off when there is a gap between us chattering. to start again we just shout a word, once it has beeped we can then resume talking.

What we want is a 2 way radio that we can transmit using a VOX system over a greater range. we need a headset with mic that will fit into a bike helmet and work just like the bike to bike system we have at the mo. My question is… Any idears?? Ive been looking at the Midland G8 and G9, I know its vox capable but i cant seem to find a headset with two flat speakers and a mic to fit into a helmet. is it poss to make one up fairly cheap or is it going to cost lots … what we dont want is a PTT system in the headset as we cant be jumping over tree trunks while fingering the button “so to speak” would really like to get some ideas what we can and cant do.
Many thanks