Help GROUP MODE Midland GXT1000 & 1050

I’m having trouble using the group mode Direct Call.
I have 2 GXT1000 and 2 GXT1050 each radio has it’s own ID 1,2,3,4
the channel is set to 22 on all radios and privacy code is set to 136 on all too, each radio has it’s own caller code i.e. 1101 1102 1103 1104 to see which radio is calling (caller ID).
I call radio # 4 from radio #1 but the conversation is heard on 2 and 3 so the direct call is not working. The manual says to to set my radios ID to the same as the radio im calling, which does not make any sense, as i’d have to reset it back for any other radio in the network to call me. so i assume this is a typo.

What am i doing wrong. :confused:

Any help appreciated.

I can answer my own question now, i had a reply from Midland, they advised me that the “Feature” called “Direct call” means i can beep a radio in my network of radios. You cant have a private conversation between two radios in the group network using direct call, it’s not what you think it is.

So i can beep another radio… and then what ?? maybe they can call me on the mobile phone to talk one on one. Sorry i dont get it.

I wouldn’t say it’s a feature worth making an actual selling point for the Midland radio.

The commercial would be something like… WOW!! look at this radio, it comes with Group mode and you can even “DIRECT CALL” another radio, now you can beep someone and then… they can beep you back… thats far out.

Yep i dont get it.

I do like the Midland 2 Way Radios, they work great, but they could be better if this feature did what is perceived that they do.

“Direct call” should be called “Beeper” as the word “call” indicates you can call someone directly. Like the word “Waterproof” means “light rain shower proof” but don’t dunk in water.